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Ventana Research: The Business Continuity Imperative

The Agent and Customer Experience in Contact Centers for 2020 and Beyond
An organization’s success relies heavily on the success of its contact center. As a business grows, and more and more customers engage with its products and services, having an easily accessible customer service estate is paramount to generating long-lasting customer loyalty.
This report from Ventana Research looks specifically as how the change in working conditions caused by the global pandemic has impacted these customer relations, and the steps that organizations must take to solidify their long-term success.

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UKCCF 2020 Home Agent Summary

Homeworking is a topic that everyone from every industry is familiar with. Content Guru’s CCaaS solution pioneered contact center homeworking capabilities back in 2005, and has been leading the sector ever since. To keep customer experience great, agents need to work where they will perform best.
This piece of research published by the UKCCF looks into attitudes towards home working and how best to implement a work from wherever policy.

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2020 Home Agent Thumbnail
Customer Service in 2029

What Will Customer Service Look Like in 2029?

When complications in your contact center arise out of the blue, it’s tempting to make patch-fix changes to your service that will resolve the problem immediately. However, what use is a solution if it will not stand the test of time or adapt to an evolving business model? Whilst CCaaS solutions alleviate some of this worry with the flexibility to fit your needs over time, you must think ahead, and plan out a contact center strategy that will give you the flexibility to adapt to a changing market.
This research from UKCCF seeks to understand the requirements, and expectations, of customer service in the decade to come.

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Contact Babel - US Contact Center Verticals

The healthcare industry, and how patients interact with their chosen providers, has changed massively over the past few years. The number of agent positions has increased, and the introduction of the Affordable Care Act has boosted how much patients will engage with providers.
This research by Contact Babel looks at how these factors have impacted the contact centers that help the healthcare industry function.

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Contact Babel: Healthcare

Contact Babel - UK Contact Center Verticals

Content Guru has a rich history of working with UK utilities suppliers to create long-lasting relationships between citizens and the national infrastructure that maintains their homes. This research by Contact Babel looks at how the sector has expanded due to a number of new players, and how this has impacted the need for excellent customer experience.
Learn more about what utilities providers need to be doing to stay ahead of their competition, and national standards.

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