Content Guru hires some of the most talented young people from around the world and provides a workplace where they can grow and thrive. Read here about two recent graduates who have moved rapidly through the company, gaining skills and experience along the way.


Rhys graduated from the University of Bristol with a Physics degree and came to Content Guru as a Support Engineer shortly after. After impressing in this initial role, he was offered a position as Service Manager just six months into his time with the company. He primarily works with Content Guru’s Serco project, focusing on client relationship management and problem management. Beyond this, he is also part of the wider Problem Management team for the company, developing communications strategies for Major Incidents. Rhys started a weekly basketball fixture at the company, which he sees as a great opportunity for team building. He also enjoys having a close-knit group of friends at Content Guru, who help to support him and provide a driving force behind his working week.

Rhys Harris

Alero Ejuoneatse


Alero studied Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London after moving down from Liverpool. Following her graduation, she spent some time exploring her favourite hobby of making and selling clothes, before joining Content Guru in order to pursue a more technical career path. After starting as a Support Engineer, Alero soon moved to the Change Management department, where she works on planning and actioning the deployment of new code onto the storm platform. Aside from her interest in fashion, she also enjoys travelling, with her most recent destination being a trip to Israel.