Case Study : Moneypenny

storm® provides Moneypenny with the intuitive tools it needs to set up new services and connect clients to PAs quickly. When additional phone lines are required, storm enables Moneypenny to obtain new SIP trunks and increase capacity at 60% of the cost of the previous provider. Meanwhile, the underlying 99.999% resilience of the platform helps to protect both Moneypenny and its clients from disruption to mission-critical services.

“In a rapidly expanding business like ours, on-boarding large numbers of new clients each month without compromising our standards of service can be a challenge. Moneypenny is entrusted with thousands of mission-critical calls every day, and ensuring that each and every one is handled promptly and professionally is of paramount importance to our business. Thanks to storm, we are now able to provide services faster than ever before, whilst the platform’s resilience helps to ensure that absolutely no calls are dropped. This has allowed us to serve our clients better and offer more flexibility to our own team.”

Oliver Kelly, IT Manager, Moneypenny