Content Guru Brings brain® Virtual Agent to Enterprise Connect 2019

February 15, 2019

Content Guru will bring its latest developments in virtual agent technology to Enterprise Connect 2019.  The brain® Virtual Agent feature enables customers to converse with organizations through virtual agents, leveraging its AI toolset to automate voice and web chat interactions, and route contacts to the appropriate agents. This feature sits alongside Content Guru’s multi-award-winning storm® cloud contact center solution, delivering complex communications at scale with intelligent automation, unrivalled scalability, feature-rich capabilities and complex integrations.

The biggest issue facing contact centers is long wait times, resulting in poor customer satisfaction and high Average Handling Times (AHTs). Inefficient manual processes create huge frustration for contact center agents with repetitive, mundane tasks taking up valuable time at the start of every interaction, increasing customer wait times and damaging brand reputation.

Adding a layer of automation at the start of every customer contact unburdens agents of simple, routine questions and inquiries, either handling interactions autonomously within a virtual agent environment with no human interference, or gathering all basic information before handing over to a human agent.

By implementing brain Virtual Agent, all voice and web chat contact can be prefaced with a buffer of intelligent automation, allowing organizations to either fully automate responses or seamlessly transition more complex or urgent inquiries over to a human agent. brain Virtual Agent reduces AHTs, improves agent efficiency, enhances customer experience and shortens wait times. Its capabilities will be extended to include social media and email in 2019, creating an omni-channel virtual agent solution.

The Content Guru team will be giving live demonstrations at booth #427, including a dedicated AI zone in collaboration with IBM Watson showcasing brain Virtual Agent, as well as the wider capabilities of the brain AI toolset across chatbots, Natural Language Processing and Image Recognition.

Sean Taylor, Global CEO at Content Guru, will be delivering a presentation in the Enterprise Connect Theater 100, at 12:40pm on March 19. The session, “Adding AI to Your Contact Center to Create More Amazing Customer Experiences”, will focus on virtual agent developments, exploring how live and machine agent interaction can be used to augment agent experience and effectiveness.

Sean Taylor commented: “We are delighted to be bringing our leading-edge virtual agent and AI solutions to Enterprise Connect this year. 2019’s expo will see us showcase the transformational capabilities of storm and deliver an exciting session on how to harness disruptive technologies and revolutionize customer experience with intelligent automation.”

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