Hey Siri… Is That You?


Imagine not being able to tell the difference between a real person and a chatbot. Well, making such a distinction is getting harder with each passing month. Remember the days when interacting with a bot was a clunky experience that had you, at best, mildly irritated? Modern-day chatbots aren’t just competent, they have personality. They can be jovial, empathetic, and even share the occasional meme. In fact, chatbot technology’s ability to deliver a great customer experience (CX) has come so far that last year 40 per cent of people of all ages said they preferred to use chatbots when shopping online.

In today’s CX battleground, organizations are having to move beyond the basic product/transaction focus of the past and instead invest in meeting customer demands 24/7 as smoothly and effectively as possible. More than that, businesses need to find ways to foster and nourish long-term customer relationships – and at scale. For most, delivering the level of immediate service consumers expect can only be achieved through automation and using chatbot technology where conversations are now often indistinguishable from those with a “real” person.

In this article, Martin Taylor, Deputy CEO and Co-Founder of Content Guru, discusses how that sense of on-brand authenticity, which is vital to success, can be achieved.

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