Utility Week Customer Summit

March 16th 2022 - March 17th 2022

In the Eye of the Storm: Customer Experience Lessons from Crisis Situations

When crisis strikes, customer contact levels can skyrocket. Major weather events, unexpected faults, and unplanned outages can cause panic amidst the general population. This sends customers flocking to their utilities suppliers to find out more about what’s going on, across every contact channel. How does your company provide these customers with regular, up-to-date, accurate information throughout the incident? Are you able to prioritise vulnerable customers in the queue, send out proactive message updates, or direct customers to self-service channels for instant information?

Find out how to deliver Customer Experience (CX), and User Experience (UX), excellence at a moment’s notice during unplanned bursts in customer contact, and learn CX lessons from across industries, in Content Guru’s speaker session.


The Birmingham Conference & Events Centre, Hill Street, Birmingham, UK

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