The New Age of AI: Bots and Bot-Enabled Humans

June 16th 2021

AI is evolving rapidly. Conversational bots are now working side-by-side with human customer service agents. The result? New standards of mass-personalised Customer Experience delivered with levels of efficiency never before seen. Organisations seeking to differentiate themselves from their competition need to gear up fast and serve up immediate interactions 24/7, whilst keeping the brand values their customers expect. Artificial Intelligence is the key to delivering against these new demands, but many businesses have concerns: How can they use Artificial Intelligence to drive efficiency, whilst empowering their customer service staff to deliver a personalised service? When the volume of traffic coming into the contact center spikes, and Intelligent Automation kicks in to handle that demand, how can organisations ensure that quality is not compromised?

Artificial Intelligence tools such as conversational bots not only empower your workforce to be open for enquiries when human agents are no longer available – they also improve agent experience. Join Martin Taylor, Deputy CEO and Co-Founder of Content Guru, to learn how harnessing Artificial Intelligence is empowering leading organisations to deliver a seamless customer experience.


Content Guru Ltd, Eastern Road, Bracknell, UK

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