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April 27th 2022

HUC, one of the highest performing NHS 111 and GP OOH providers in the country, provides Integrated Urgent and Emergency Care for a population of 3.3M in the East of England. For the past six years HUC have worked in a joint Development Partnership with Content Guru, whose storm® contact centre solution is Europe’s biggest and most advanced cloud-based communications platform. The Development Partnership has jointly adapted Content Guru’s storm platform to meet HUC’s specific and evolving requirements across its service. This has grown to become the exemplar communications model for IUEC in England.  It is currently being rolled out across all 16 NHS 111 providers in England.

Development Partnerships, whilst common in other sectors, are rare in the NHS. However, these have proven remarkably successful when they’ve been implemented. In this webinar HUC’s CEO and Content Guru’s Head of Healthcare will discuss their journey together, share their key tips for success, and showcase some of the resulting innovations.


Content Guru Ltd, Eastern Road, Bracknell, UK

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