Healthcare Excellence Through Technology 2019

October 1st 2019 - October 2nd 2019

HETT brings together 3,000+ health tech and digital health leaders to solve the most pressing issues facing the UK healthcare sector. Content Guru will demonstrate how storm® helps health and care providers, such as NHS 111 London, deliver rapid, cost-efficient, and safe  Integrated Urgent Care (IUC).

At a time when the NHS is facing extreme pressures and technology can offer efficient solutions, it is important to understand where you are on your digital journey and have clear direction on your next steps.

“The storm platform delivers an amazing set of capabilities, which have transformed the way NHS 111 operates in London. We’re really excited to implement further capabilities through storm as we go forward, and the platform will be instrumental in realizing our digitization objectives. Most importantly, however, is that we’re able to substantially improve the experience of Londoners calling NHS 111 and the outcomes of our patients, ensuring that they get through to the care and support thy need, when they need it, first time.” – Eileen Sutton, Head of Service Redesign & Innovation (Integrated Urgent Care) NHS London SHA

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