Clearing: The Path to Cloud

April 15th 2021

In July 2020, the University of Huddersfield seized on the exceptional challenge of clearing during a pandemic, and used it to move their entire communications estate to the cloud.

The 2020 university clearing season set the UK Higher Education sector an unprecedented set of tests. Many universities found their legacy on-premise contact centres could not scale to meet the increased demand, let alone enable WFH, incurring huge revenue losses. For the University of Huddersfield, leading innovators in the higher education sector, losing high-value new students was never going to be acceptable. Within just eight weeks, Huddersfield rolled out a cutting-edge cloud contact centre solution that allowed them to sail through clearing season, and pave the way to further digital transformation.

The Higher Education sector is on a journey towards digitalization. Join John Clayton from the University of Huddersfield, and Martin Taylor, Deputy CEO and Co-Founder of Content Guru, to discover how cloud technology and rapid implementation can help you climb the slope of enlightenment to your own digital nirvana.


Content Guru Ltd, Eastern Road, Bracknell, UK

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