Chatbot Evolution: Webchat and Beyond

April 21st 2021

Customer Experience (CX) is now the main business differentiator in every industry. Over the course of the pandemic, customer expectations for CX service delivery have skyrocketed. Customers now demand immediate, accurate, personalized interactions with the businesses who seek to serve them, whenever they like, wherever they are, and on whichever communications channel they choose. Otherwise they will go elsewhere. How can organizations meet these demands, and deliver exceptional CX that is scalable, multi-lingual, yet still economically efficient?

The answer lies in Intelligent Automation. Chatbots hold the key to delivering market-leading CX at scale, and they’re evolving. The chatbots of today are not the limited, irritating web-chat pop-ups of the pre-pandemic era, but omni-channel, autonomous machine agents that work in tandem with humans. Join Martin Taylor, Deputy CEO and Co-Founder of Content Guru, to discover how AI-backed chatbots are central to driving long-term customer loyalty, with minimal resource.


Content Guru Ltd, Eastern Road, Bracknell, UK

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