Panasonic partnered with Content Guru (CG) to deliver the storm® in Partnership with Panasonic range of communication solutions. Content Guru is part of the Redwood Technologies Group, which has had a strong working relationship with Panasonic since 1999. With trailblazing and proven cloud-based PBX, Unified Communications (UC) and contact center capabilities already live on storm, Panasonic was able to quickly incorporate these solutions into its solutions portfolio.

Through the partnership with Content Guru, Panasonic is able to deliver leading-edge cloud PBX & contact center service, combining its own strong brand with the established cloud name of storm.

With storm already available in the cloud and optimized for hierarchical service delivery, a Panasonic partition was rapidly configured and the partnership quickly made live.

Through the intuitive cloud-based
Provisioning Portal, distributors and resellers can quickly design, implement and bill orders, increasing efficiency and
slashing delivery times.

storm is configured to deliver services to any number of sub-organizations, creating a repeatable and scalable distribution model for Panasonic.

“PBX telephone systems have been and continue to be important to our business and integral to the way our business customers communicate. While Panasonic are fully committed to the customer-premise market for in house services, we are committed to developing new areas of business, and new channels and opportunities can be reached in the hosted arena. Keeping communication
smooth and flexible for our customers is at the heart of our company and the functionality of storm® aligns well with this mission. Cloud is an exciting and fast-growing segment of the PBX market, so it was important that our new package should offer the fullest and best range of services, giving businesses an array of cutting-edge telephony options”

Group Manager Communications Business Unit, Panasonic System Communications Europe

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