In mission critical environments such as command and control, not all communication happens over the telephone or radio systems. As a result, implementing best practice increasingly means capturing elements of communication that have not traditionally been recorded.
Humberside Police Force, which serves a population of over 1.14 million people, wanted to implement an ambient recording solution for its highly demanding, fast-paced, and dynamic workplace. U.K. Government guidelines advised that the solution must allow the police to securely record and store command and control communications when managing serious incidents – including the verbalized decision-making processes of individual senior officers.

A highly secure solution

Humberside Police Force serves over 1.14 million people

Evidential-grade recording technology

Our new wireless recording solution allows senior police officers to focus on managing incidents without having to worry about recording mission-critical management conversations or meeting their compliance obligations.

With Yamaha’s microphones attaching directly to clothing or lanyards, officers are also able to move freely between control rooms without dropping communication recordings. The robust 256-bit encryption ensures that all our communications remain fully secure, providing crucial protection for our transmissions. The transparency of the system is also a true measure of its success.

We’ve now eliminated unnecessary and time-consuming processes and streamlined our workflow, which greatly minimizes the possibility of user error. We are extremely pleased with the outcome — our incident management communications are now clearly and securely recorded without adding any complexity for our staff members or to the surrounding office space.

Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Humberside Police

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