Content Guru Sharing Customer Service Best Practice with Contact Centre Industry


Pioneer in omni-channel cloud communications solutions, Content Guru, will lead a seminar on complaints reduction through integration and consistency, attended by contact centre industry professionals.

The Call Centre Management Association (CCMA) will host the seminar, sponsored by Content Guru, which will discuss ways to resolve customer dissatisfaction caused by a lack of effective complaints management. The event takes place on Tuesday 9th April 2019 at 240 Blackfriars Road in London, and will open with Content Guru delivering a presentation on achieving uniform service through the integration of channels and back-office applications.

Johnathan Zemlik, Marketing Executive at Content Guru, will set out how the company’s award-winning storm® platform builds customer trust through personalisation of service, equipping a contact centre agent with relevant customer information in a single interface. storm reduces the time customers spend getting their issues resolved and improves first contact resolution rates by unifying existing systems and databases into one centralised location.

Agents are provided with an easy-to-use portal and can quickly access all relevant customer information, ensuring a consistent level of service can be provided at all times by any agent. Alongside this, customers have the choice to self-serve through ‘Machine Agent’ chatbots, which handle simple and routine enquiries, providing a smooth and efficient service.

Johnathan Zemlik said: “Research shows that 89% of customers would stop doing business with a company after enduring poor service, so providing a consistent experience for consumers is vital. Content Guru is a pioneer in the use of integrated, cloud-based omni-channel contact centres to produce a better experience for customers, and we are pleased to have this opportunity to share our best practice with others in the industry.”

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