Kathleen O'Hara Data more Valuable Than Oil

However, for many business providers, the abundance of information collected and managed creates great challenges, particularly for those organizations ill-equipped to effectively leverage its potential. Digitized data is produced and collected constantly, from telecom information to IoT usage reports tracking individuals’ actions. Even data as simple as credit history or customer account records, when properly harnessed, can augment your organization’s internal efficiency, deliver an experience to engage and please customers, and ultimately promote business growth. On the other hand, failure to properly address the enormous data pool you are now faced with, and properly understand customers and their requirements, will see companies quickly fall behind the competition.

Strategic adoption of the right emerging technologies, coupled with techniques such as data integration with communication platforms and customer interfaces, can enable you to analyze and process this information to scale.

According to Gartner, the global business value of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to reach $3.9 trillion by 2022[1], as companies harness the information they gather on a large scale to drive satisfaction and promote efficiency. With the introduction of AI and Machine Learning, many industries can dramatically reduce manual effort put into data analysis and the understanding of client requirements, and improve customer engagement by automating many routine yet time-consuming processes.

By combining an automated platform for customer contact with back-end systems such as CRM, customers can settle their issues on a self-service basis without having to interact with agents.

Similarly, the integration of AI with image recognition software means a photograph of a simple smashed window or a defective product could be intelligently and quickly analyzed, and the complaint settled with the customer within the hour through automated communications. With routine claims resolved automatically, contact center agents are freed up to deal with larger or more complex inquiries.

AI, along with automated communications, allows the enhancement of operational efficiency and improvement of customer engagement by automating many facets of a business, whether it be effectively routing interactions, reducing the time a customer engages with an agent or extending service hours — all while avoiding sizeable OpEx investments.

A data-driven approach provides a detailed 360° view of the customer. This means the customer journey can be easily planned, managed, and often automated, with full channel fluidity offering customers a consistent experience no matter how they get in touch. Digital initiatives such as these contribute directly to increases in actual business value – a critical factor for a meaningful ROI on any new technology implemented.

Content Guru helps businesses to gather and display all their data onto one single, cloud-based interface, and introduces AI and Machine Learning to analyze and utilize information quickly and effectively. Our storm® platform collates data gathered by companies, in order to facilitate intelligent automation of business processes, and assemble comprehensive reports. With a single tool to manage data and implement AI-driven automation, data becomes the starting point for making customers’ lives easier and diverting your organization’s resources to higher-priority cases.

If you would like to find out more about how AI can be used to transform your business outcomes, or would like to understand more about storm’s capabilities, please feel free to contact me by email at koh@contentguru.com, or by calling +(1) 408-340-6981.