storm RECORDER™ provides true omni-channel recording of every channel of communication that your employees use, along with the tools to extract insight from those recordings. Covering voice, SMS, and on-screen interactions, RECORDER ensures there are no holes in your compliance and quality control framework.
The value of end-to-end positive customer engagement cannot be underestimated. Providing excellent customer experiences improves retention which equates to more revenue. We elevate performance by simplifying your communications processes through easy to manage, fully integrated and highly scalable technology.

Key Features

Stereo recording captures each call participant in a separate channel, providing higher quality audio and deeper analysis potential.
Powerful tools for converged management of recordings, and effectively unlimited storage capacity in the cloud.
Record all voice calls as standard or on demand.
Open architecture of storm enables layering-in of recording capability over your existing systems.
Extensive reporting tools show all data collated across all channels, including voice, SMS, webchat and social media.

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Content Guru integrates all omni-channel customer data on a single solution to give you a comprehensive, unified view of your customer
The storm CPaaS platform provides powerful flexibility to drive the best solution for all of your communication requirements. storm offers a single stack solution with cutting-edge modules for omni-channel contact centers, from workforce optimization and customer relationship management, to analytics and reporting tools and PCI DSS compliant payments. The modular approach also enables the integration of storm modules with your existing infrastructure to ensure the optimum solution for your organization.

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