Enterprise-Grade CPaaS Made Easy

You need a CPaaS with the tools and functionality to create great customer engagement whenever, wherever, and over whatever channel they desire.

You need a developer ecosystem that offers the flexibility of open standards architecture, with the reassurance of a mature platform.

You need all this to be enterprise-grade – secure, scalable, and available wherever your business is.

storm - CPaaS at Scale

storm CPaaS helps organizations of all sizes build the communications services that their business needs, and their customers expect. Offering full omni-channel support and rich CPaaS functionality – from native CRM and WFM modules to integrations with leading applications. All of this is supported by the storm team, with decades of experience in delivering mission-critical services to some of the world’s largest enterprise and central government bodies.

Working with storm is made easy through its developer ecosystem, which covers both service creation tools such as FLOW and CONDUCTOR, as well as the developer community and marketplace, storm Exchange®. These offer APIs for omnichannel communications, applications including CRM and WFM tools, as well as connectivity. Simple-to-use interfaces enable users of all technical backgrounds and skill levels to build communications tools.

Background to storm®

Development on what was to become the storm® Communications Platform as a Service tool began in 2005. The platform saw immediate success, and by 2006 was powering all ‘multimedia’ customer interactivity for a major national television broadcaster. Since then, it has built a rich and unparalleled heritage of delivering mission-critical communications at scale to some of the world’s largest enterprise and governmental organizations, with individual deployments in the tens of thousands of agents. The platform’s flexibility, as well as the raw power delivered by its range of functionality, means that it is the platform of choice for the world’s most successful customer relationships.

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Why storm CPaaS?

storm CPaaS offers...

Sample Communications API

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Omni-Channel By Design

storm is omni-channel by design. Decades of experience working with communications across the globe have left it uniquely placed to offer organizations and development teams of all sizes and levels of experience the ability to build and deliver omni-channel communications tools, contact routing, and more.

  • Video, with the ability to offer one- and two-way video calls without the need for installation at either end.
  • Messaging apps, including Whatsapp, Viber, and Link
  • Voice. Content Guru’s global partners mean that it can deliver services at massive scale to over 145 countries globally, in every continent other than Antarctica.
  • Digital channels, including email, instant messaging, and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Intelligent Automation-powered Machine Agents, which deliver advanced, always-on support in a secure and scalable way.
ISO27001 Compliant
SOC 2 Compliant
PCI DSS Compliant

Security and Compliance By Design

Whatever your organization is trying to achieve, security is key. Whether this means protecting your customers’ data, using cutting-edge voice biometrics, or achieving compliance with industry or regional standards, storm offers market-leading security.

storm‘s worldwide network of availability zones offers organizations the ability to keep data in-region where sovereignty is required. Meanwhile, it is compliant with all leading global security standards, including ISO27001 for information security, SOC II for secure data storage, and PCI DSS Level 1 compliance for secure payment processing. The storm® LOCK module allows organizations of all sizes to rapidly start taking PCI-compliant payments at any scale.

Customer Success By Design

Content Guru prides itself on delivering services precisely targeted to the customer’s need. Its dedicated solutions consultancy team partner with a customer to understand its pain points, customer success goals, and key results, from board-level objectives to the challenges faced by front- and back-office staff, supervisors and administrators. This ensures that they can empower organizations globally with informed and impactful advice on their communications, as well as expert guidance on their development.

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Unrivalled Developer Ecosystem

storm provides a developer ecosystem and community that helps users of all skill levels, from communications experts to novices, to achieve their customer success goals.

These range from:

  • FLOW and CONDUCTOR, the platform’s service creation tools. These provide a fully democratized, no-code environment for developers to build and edit services, channels, and routing rules.
  • storm® Exchange, which gives customers a marketplace in which to develop, trade, and exchange applications and integrations.
  • INTEGRATE, which offers thousands of off-the-shelf and bespoke integrations, with leading applications including WFO, ERP, and CRM tools, as well as with vertical business applications.