brain® is Content Guru’s artificial intelligence (AI) toolkit, which can be deployed alongside storm® to enhance communications infrastructure by implementing cutting-edge, AI-driven capabilities. brain combines the latest exciting AI technology to provide customers across the globe with a highly intelligent AI-powered solution, tailored to meet their individual requirements and objectives.

Intelligent Machine Agents to alleviate pressure on live agents
World-leading image recognition capabilities
Natural Language Processing functionalities to enhance customer experience
Personalized experiences via automated chatbots

brain integrates with all other storm applications and enterprise-grade technologies to provide businesses with AI-driven decision making and interaction capabilities within existing contact centers, ensuring the deliverance of seamless, personalized end-to-end customer journeys. brain Machine Agents work collaboratively alongside live agents to fully optimize all resources and provide customers with the most efficient service, whilst maintaining a highly personalized service.

Intelligent Automation

Utilizing brain’s AI capabilities within the contact center can radically improve customer engagement and experience through providing a range of intelligent automation services, such as preferential routing, self-serve options and proactive automation solutions. This ensures that customers can always access the information they need, in the way that they prefer.

brain ensures that customers always receive a consistently high quality service across all channels, by using machine agents to ensure all customers are responded to quickly and efficiently. brain pulls data from CRM and third-party databases to tailor responses and automatically decides the most appropriate pathway for each caller, whether this be a redirect to a web form, a transfer to a live agent, or using AI-powered interactions to handle the whole inquiry. Machine agents are able to service any channel at any time, ensuring that customers can always engage with an organization.

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brain is a highly-intelligent AI application with a range of functionalities, all ensuring that contact centers can improve efficiency, increase both agent and customer satisfaction, and enhance infrastructure long-term. Implementing AI will ensure that contact centers can effortlessly manage fluctuating demand and consistently evolve ahead of customer expectations.

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