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Our mission is to make engagement easy for your organisation. Our solutions achieve this by making your organisation more available, more efficient and more responsive to the needs of your customers.

What problems are you facing?

I need to enhance my customer experience.

We help you personalise every customer interaction and deliver consistent service levels regardless of demand. Our storm® platform allows customers to engage with your organisation anywhere, at any time.


I need to improve sales conversions.

We help you maximise sales conversions by giving you the most complete view of your customers. Use customer data to enhance interactions and build the relationships that become conversions.


I need to drive down costs.

We help you improve your bottom line by delivering solutions that keep costs down. Eliminate high staff turnover, poor customer experience and ineffective asset use for a more profitable organisation.


Solutions that make engagement easy

Cloud Contact Centre

We allow your contact centre to instantly scale to any demand and help you deliver faultless end-to-end customer journeys across all channels, effortlessly. Transform engagement by getting to know your customer with storm® CONTACT™, our world-leading cloud contact centre solution.


Analysing information and enhancing customer interactions is difficult when your customer data is held in disparate systems and databases. storm® INTEGRATE eliminates data siloes and ensure agents have all the relevant information to deliver interactions that are efficient and personalised.

Management of Knowledge

Can your agents easily access the relevant data they need to best handle every customer inquiry? Give them a complete view of your customers at no extra effort with fully-integrated knowledge and case management.


Only by gaining unparalleled insight into your business can you can optimise efficiency and free up staff to focus on the complex tasks that matter. Analyse and improve your operations with our range of sophisticated and easy-to-implement statistical analysis tools, including real-time and historical reporting.

Management Interfaces

Customer and colleague expectations continue to grow exponentially. Can you keep up?
We ensure your services are continuously optimised and updated rapidly to keep you in line with these expectations. Our web portals make it easy and intuitive to create, configure and update all of your services in real time.


Card payments made over the phone are the number one target for credit card fraud. Ensure your business’s reputation remains intact by allowing your customers to make automated and agent-assisted, PCI-DSS compliant payments without revealing their card details to anyone.

Workforce Optimisation

You need insights into how your staff are working – and what your customers are saying. We help you capture and analyse interactions across any channel easily, so you can optimise your Customer Engagement Hub and ensure all agents are complying with regulations.

Artificial Intelligence

Adapting to the increasingly complex communication needs of your customers requires you to leverage the latest technology. Harness the cognitive learning and decision-making qualities of AI to deploy human agents more efficiently and take advantage of a scalable solution that evolves alongside consumer expectations.

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