Machine Agents

Today’s customers expect instant, 24/7 support.

This puts your agents under pressure.

Your employees need AI counterparts to help them out.

What is storm® Machine Agent™?

storm® Machine Agent™ provides your contact center with an always-on, AI-powered robot workforce.

Machine Agents offer support at every level of contact center operations. Their powerful AI capabilities enhance end-to-end efficiency and provide seamless experiences for both external customers and internal customers, such as agents and supervisors.

Machine Agents work seamlessly alongside your human employees in order to enhance, not replace, your existing services. And just like human agents, they are managed through the user-friendly storm® FLOW service management tool.

storm makes use of best in class capabilities from prominent hyper-scale engines, including Google Cloud and IBM Watson, to perform complex processes automatically.

Automated self-service

Provide instant answers, around the clock.

Natural Language Processing

Rapidly process text and speech.

Quality and Compliance

Limit risk and maintain trust.

Image Recognition

Make quick and accurate image-based judgements.

Key Capabilities

Automated self-service

Give customers quick, accurate answers, 24/7

Today’s customers expect instant access to information – whenever, wherever, and through whatever channel they choose to contact you.

storm® Machine Agent™ provides this. Machine Agents are deployed over text, voice, and digital channels, including web chat and video.

This allows customers to engage with your organization over the channel of their choice. Both you and your customers benefit from enhanced speed and efficiency, without losing the personalization which is key to great customer engagement.

Natural Language Processing

Make self-service seamless

Machine Agents use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze natural dialogue to draw contextual meaning and understand language the way humans do.

NLP lets customers interact with voice menus using natural speech. Customers can interact with Machine Agents as they would with a human employee. This makes self-service more intuitive and provides faster resolutions, driving customer satisfaction.

NLP can transcribe speech to text automatically to provide agents with relevant data on demand. This ensures a fully connected customer journey – whatever the channel or interaction type.

Quality and Compliance

Keep your customers’ trust

You don’t have the time or resources to monitor every interaction manually.

Machine Agents make it easy to manage quality and compliance at hyper-scale.

Automated speech-to-text functionality ensures at-risk recordings are automatically flagged, ensuring quality management teams can focus more efficiently on areas of concern.

Machine Agents automatically group recordings across all by content, sentiment, and agent performance metrics. This allows trends or items of concern to be quickly identified. This rich insight helps you to improve the quality of your services.

Image Recognition

Embrace image-based interactions

Visual channels are becoming increasingly important to customer service. But sorting and routing images is a time-consuming process.

Image Recognition (IR) allows Machine Agents to quickly identify people, places, objects and text, and use this information to make routing decisions.

This enables you to use images as a communication tool at scale. Automated routing frees-up agents, driving an engaged, productive workforce. Machine Agents offer instant, accurate responses to image-based queries, making your self-service offering truly omnichannel.

Want to know more?

Download the full solution summary to find out how storm® Machine Agent™ works in more detail.

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