24th January 2019


Introductory Address by Sean Taylor DL
Living in the AI Revolution by Professor Jim Al-Khalili
This talk will introduce the development of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on human communications in the modern day. Spanning a range of concerns and possibilities, Jim will explore one of the most transformative technological developments of our time.
The Business of AI by Alan Coad
This business-focussed presentation will discuss exciting technological developments within the communication sphere. Calling upon his experience as a risk-taker and transformer of businesses, Alan will present his vision of the transformative potential of AI for organisations large and small. He will discuss how contact centre managers can successfully navigate the maze of innovation in order to optimise customer service.
Demystifying AI by Inma Martinez
This presentation will delve into the workings of deep learning and human/machine cognition. Inma will attempt to debunk traditional perceptions of AI and instead present a neuroscientific vision of its vast range of uses. As human communications continue to evolve, AI is becoming increasingly interlinked with our lives in ways the majority of the population do not yet understand.
The Future of the Contact Centre by Dr Peter Cochrane
In this keynote speech, Peter will apply his vast experience within the contact centre industry to present a compelling case for the future of customer engagement. As natural language processing increases in accuracy and affordability, the way businesses and their customers choose to communicate is changing beyond all recognition. Peter will share with attendees his insight into these developments and discuss how they can prepare a comprehensive AI strategy.
Final Remarks
Drinks and Networking
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Agenda subject to change