How Contact Center Centralized Recording Creates Outstanding CX

In the contact center, information is power. Outstanding customer experience (CX) depends on a comprehensive knowledge of every interaction. To provide that, your organization needs contact center centralized recording. Recording every customer interaction, and bringing those recordings into a single, centralized location for AI transcription, should be a priority for your organization.

In this blog, we discuss methods for improving interaction quality and agent experience through centralized contact center recording. We cover:

  • How centralized recording in the contact center works.

  • The ways in which Artificial Intelligence enhances centralized contact center recording.

  • How centralizing recording in the contact center can improve agent experience, and help you develop your best talent.

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The Fundamentals of Centralized Contact Center Recording

What is the purpose of centralized contact center recording? In a word, quality.

In the modern contact center, call recording isn’t just a nice to have; it’s essential. Regulations in some sectors (e.g. finance) oblige organizations to record customer interactions, for the purpose of regulatory enforcement. But customer experience recording is more than just a legal formality, it’s an opportunity to drive high-quality interactions:

The benefits of centralized contact center recording are clear. But how do you begin implementing it?

Implementing Centralized Contact Center Recording: Mono vs Stereo Recording

To get the most from your centralized contact center recording, you need to understand the difference between mono recording and stereo recording.

Mono recording is the traditional method, and—as the name suggests—employs only one channel. Agent and customer are recorded as one:  it’s simple, but it limits what you can do with your recordings.

Stereo recording uses multiple channels, to record each participant separately. This allows agents and customers to be separated out and analyzed individually.

There are several advantages to choosing stereo over mono recording:

  • Recording each channel separately via stereo leads to high-fidelity audio. In essence, audio quality is higher; over-talk is no longer a limitation.

  • High-quality audio leads to more accurate AI-powered transcription. This, in turn, leads to more valuable CX insights.

  • Separate streams allow you to easily identify which participant is talking and when, spotting periods of dead air or silence, and isolating either agent or customer activity

Centralized contact center recording offers the highest possible quality, with the greatest possible utility. What benefits does this bring to your organization?

Generative AI Elevates Centralized Contact Center Recording

Generative AI has transformed the contact center. This is no secret. Centralized contact center recording is the first step toward leveraging the power of generative AI to support your customers.

Recordings of customer interactions can be used to drive concrete business value in a number of ways:

  • Once your contact center recordings are centralized, they can be subjected to AI analysis. This allows every interaction to be assessed for compliance, with legally-required compliance statements detected automatically, and for an interaction to be flagged if this is not done.

  • This analysis can also draw out data about interaction quality. Through tools such as sentiment analysis and keyword detection, AI can draw out an overall quality score for the interaction. Particularly low or high scores can be flagged to supervisors.

  • Generative AI models are powerful, but must be trained on data. Centralizing your contact center recording in one location provides a powerful resource for training Large Language Models (LLMs). This leads to higher-quality automated interactions, saving hours of agent time and boosting First Contact Resolution.

The power of AI cannot be understated. However, that doesn’t mean that the agent is about to become redundant. Indeed, centralized contact center recording will be essential to maintaining and developing top talent.

Centralized Contact Center Recording Boosts Agent Experience

Generative AI is a powerful tool, but your customers still want to be able to speak to an agent – particularly if their problem is too complex to be solved by a chatbot. Great customer experience is dependent on great agent experience. To ensure the best possible quality of agent interactions, you need centralized contact center recording:

  • When every interaction is recorded and monitored for quality and compliance, spotting low-quality interactions is easier than ever. Interactions of concern can be flagged instantly to supervisors for resolution.

  • Feedback doesn’t stop at interactions of concern. Subjecting interactions to generative AI analysis can create personalized feedback for agents. Feedback is tailored to the agent’s need, ensuring that they are provided with a clear improvement direction, and given actionable steps toward achieving it. When supervisors are overworked and short on time, this feedback is indispensable to enhancing agent experience.

  • A centralized contact center recording library provides a powerful training resource. Exceptional interactions, and examples of poor interactions, can be shown to agents to provide guidance. This represents a powerful onboarding resource, speeding up the process of bringing new agents into the contact center.

Centralized contact center recording provides immense utility for your contact center, now and in the future. But how do you make centralized contact center recording part of your CX ecosystem?

Centralized Contact Center Recording with storm®

Achieving quality and compliance, laying the foundation for your generative AI transition, and cultivating outstanding agent experience; all this is possible with centralized contact center recording.

Content Guru’s centralized contact center recording solution, storm® RECORDER™ offers high-quality stereo recording for voice interactions. Supplemented by storm SCREEN RECORDING™, the storm solution offers pixel-perfect screen recording for every interaction. Recordings can be subjected to AI analysis through brain®, and that data can be displayed intuitively through the storm VIEW™ reporting suite.

RECORDER is only one part of the broader storm solution. storm boasts 99.999%+ availability, meaning you’ll always be available to your customers, at any time. storm is hosted on secure data centers within your home nation, to ensure your customer data is stored securely. As a browser-based solution, storm is accessible through any internet-enabled device, letting you enable flexible working for your agents.

Centralized contact center recording provides an insight into your customer interactions. But outstanding CX doesn’t stop there. Download Content Guru’s whitepaper, Resilient CX: A Field Guide to Surviving Hard Times with Customer Experience to discover more.