Compliance from home

Governments around the world are preparing to ease lockdown restrictions, but there is uncertainty around how long it will take for life to return to normal. Although home working has been a short-term solution for some contact centers in response to the coronavirus crisis, it could have a long-term impact on the traditional, office-based contact center.

Your contact center needs to operate as effectively and securely at home, as it does in the office, in order to maintain your customers’ loyalty and trust. This means remaining compliant: conforming to industry regulations such as the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR, as well as upholding internal policies and procedures. A compliance breach can be as easy as an agent leaving their device unlocked in a shared property, but the consequences can be devastating. You risk heavy company fines, catastrophic publicity, and irreparable reputational damage amongst your customers. For a data breach alone, you could be fined up to €20 million or 4% of worldwide turnover.[1]

How to ensure compliance

The home working environment presents several challenges to security and compliance, so your contact center needs to adapt.

  • You need secure technology to ensure that only authorized users have access to relevant devices and data.

  • You need to provide virtual support and supervision for your agents, to empower them to continue their roles in a safe and compliant manner.

  • You need contact center-wide reporting and quality management capabilities to overcome the lack of visibility across your workforce and maintain quality customer interactions.

  • You need to record all interactions and track user activities for evidence of compliant practice.

  • You need to reassure customers that their payment details are still secure despite your contact center operating from home.

How we can help

For a remote workforce at scale, Content Guru’s award-winning CCaaS solution, storm®, enables ‘business-as-usual’ – or even better than usual – in the face of unprecedented disruption.

With storm, you can implement two-factor authentication (2FA), for agents, supervisors and administrators alike. This ensures that even if an unauthorized person accesses a company device, no data will be at risk. Through the cloud-based solution, organizations are able to supervise, and more importantly offer remote over-the-shoulder style support to, their employees using screen recording and data analytics.

Keep complete visibility of your contact center with storm VIEW™, which enables real-time and historical reporting. Maintain best-in-class customer interactions with storm QM™, a powerful quality management tool which enables you to identify where security has been breached, where procedures have not been followed, and where additional training is required. Recorded interactions are accessible rapidly and remotely for Data Subject Access requests.

Full regulatory compliance is made easy with storm RECORDER™, which captures and logs activity across all channels, making compiling audit trails and evidence of compliant practice effortless. storm LOCK™ allows you to achieve PCI-DSS compliance, even when working form home, by ensuring that agents never come into contact with customer payment details.

With deployment possible in days, storm enables your contact center to exceed ‘business-as-usual’ and deliver exceptional and compliant experiences to customers, both from home and from the office.

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