Content Guru RedMatrix®

Work in teams, not committees

Audio conferencing is rapidly putting an end to the dreaded round of meaningless meetings that once choked the vitality out of so many organizations. Content Guru’s RedMatrix audio and video conferencing solution allows the planning and running of tightly-managed, efficient and relevant audio conferences that deliver all the benefits of group decision-making, without the cost involved in physically bringing people together.

  • Total control – a detailed visual interface allows seamless management of meetings

  • Icon-driven manager’s console – see who is talking, who is missing, set up multiple breakout sessions, mute noisy connections, and much more

  • Rich recording functionality – record on the fly, generate podcasts, broadcast corporate proceedings, keep records for regulatory compliance

  • Strong security – CLI, PIN, encryption, visual checks and voice ID – are there more people online than are authorized to be there?

  • Automatic scheduling, including automated connections with scheduled participants – they are simply called into the meeting directly at the appointed time

  • Multiple connection options – SS7, video or VoIP, hoot and holler, mobile and more

  • User-focused capabilities, including click-to-chat, breakout and privacy functions

  • Impeccable green credentials – cut land and air mileage

Enhanced collaboration

Business agility is enhanced by the flexibility of RedMatrix. As well as reducing the number of unproductive sessions, RedMatrix facilitates more spontaneous gatherings of key people, with the ability to create unsupervised conferences on the fly. Collaboration is improved, decision-making is accelerated and time-to-market is reduced, boosting competitive advantage.

  • Board meetings, investor announcements and other corporate events can be transformed by RedMatrix, extending their reach around the world, while reducing the cost of staging them

  • Emergency services and special project task forces can use RedMatrix as an instant, secure, open communication system

  • Device-independent connectivity allows users to join conferences via any device, from a softphone, to a dealer board, a mobile phone, a Blackberry or even a conventional fixed line telephone

  • Data and optional video integration allows true multimedium conferencing, with presentations and video conferencing links all running on the same connections

  • Integrate multiple networks into one audio conference, covering SS7, SIP, VoIP, hoot and holler, mobile and others with easy budgeting and little or no capital outlay

RedMatrix is a highly adaptable, resilient and dependable audio and video conferencing platform. It is cost-effective for use by public and private sector organizations of any size, and helps to foster a culture of communication and co-operation that benefits the organization from end to end.

RedMatrix® – Audio Conferencing and Video Conferencing

RedMatrix provides high capacity audio conferencing. Conference users may dial into a bridge or may be called at a specific time and brought into a conference. Conferees may participate in a talk and listen or ‘listen only’ mode. Additional features such as conference recording are also available.

Audio Conferencing System with a Drag and Drop Graphical User Interface RedMatrix provides scalable audio conferencing for Service Bureau and for large organizations. With RedMatrix, very large conferences are practical, with hundreds of participants. RedMatrix is particularly suited to environments that need flexible system operation, such as investment banks and Command and Control centers.

RedMatrix allows groups of callers to participate in conferences. There is complete flexibility in the size and number of conferences – for example, a 60-user system allows any combination, up to 20 three-party conferences. Conferences can be accessed either directly via a DDI number, or they can be controlled by a mediator (operator). RedMatrix can also automatically dial out to collect a group of participants for a conference.

A RedMatrix system is built from two components, a Conference Bridge and an optional Conference Manager. There is complete flexibility in the number of callers who can participate in a single conference. Conferences can be recorded, so callers can always access the whole of a conference, even if they arrive after it has started. Recording also allows conferences to be archived.

The RedMatrix Conference Manager provides operator control of conferences through a Graphical User Interface. There can be multiple operators, with each operator controlling some or all of the conferences. Each participant in a conference is represented by an icon, and the icon changes color when the participant is speaking. Each conference is a separate window.

Participants can be moved between conferences, or to other IVR services located on the platform, by the operator dragging their icon. The Conference Manager consoles are connected to the Conference Bridges through a Local Area Network (LAN), a Wide Area Network (WAN), a leased line, or a dial up modem.

RedMatrix uses Content Guru’s RTSinfonia® software architecture. This allows a RedMatrix system to provide other types of service (such as voice mail or IVR), and to be placed within a cluster of VoIP Telephony Servers.