Content Guru Announces New Democratized Service Management Tool to Reduce Real-Time Service Creation Friction

storm® CONDUCTOR™ empowers operational-level users to make impactful service changes in real-time.

Content Guru, a leading global provider of cloud contact center and customer experience (CX) technology, has today announced the global availability of a new workflow management tool, storm® CONDUCTOR™. Authorized users now have the ability to make rapid service changes such as implementing new routings, announcements, and automation without administrator involvement, reducing delays and allowing changes to be rolled out instantly across the entire communications estate.

The new tool enables users to adapt live services in real-time and define their own entities, such as IVR menus, announcements, and number routes ensuring great customer experience (CX) through enhanced flexibility. CONDUCTOR seamlessly integrates with storm FLOW™, Content Guru’s no-code service designer, enabling non-technical users to manage their data-driven FLOW services and execute number and omni-channel destination management within the CONDUCTOR interface. In addition, integrated text-to-speech functionalities built into CONDUCTOR enable users to create bespoke prompts instantly, optimizing changes made to tailored customer-facing services.

“Great CX is often hindered by delays in the change request process and the abilities delivered through storm CONDUCTOR are critical to overcoming administrative challenges and powering change,” commented Richard Manthorpe, Product Director at Content Guru. “Responding flexibly to efficiently manage complex customer journeys gives supervisors more control over the experience they can offer customers, in turn reducing friction and increasing the availability of the organization’s scarce IT personnel. CONDUCTOR streamlines efficiency for storm users, making it safe for authorized contact center staff to control elements of the service that are relevant to them, so they can deliver great CX, every time.”

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