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Net Zero Commitment

Content Guru has supported the UK government’s Net Zero Strategy (2050) since its publication. Any shorter time period set by the Devolved Governments will also be followed, with the aim that Content Guru complies with the shortest time period overall.

To achieve 2050, many changes will need to be implemented before 2030, and Content Guru has established a monitoring capability as part of its overall compliance strategy. The strategy being adopted extends to Content Guru’s suppliers, such as the data centres used to host our software.

The term “Net Zero” means achieving a balance between the carbon emitted into the atmosphere, and the carbon removed from it. This balance – or Net Zero – will happen when the amount of carbon Content Guru adds to the atmosphere is no more than the amount removed.

Content Guru has established an ESG Committee (Environmental, Social and Governance) with Board participation to review progress and also to set actions to ensure it is on course with any new actions being identified. This group meets at least once a quarter. Content Guru also ensures it provides reporting on progress and plans to any Government body requiring such information e.g. Companies House.

Content Guru has also produced a Carbon Reduction Plan and this, together with any other information, will be updated to this page, as appropriate. The Carbon Reduction Plan can be accessed through the link below.

Net Zero Commitment