Reporting and Analytics

Work smarter, not harder

Great Customer Experience (CX) requires a deep understanding of the customer.

An effective contact center is supported by data. Data that drives actionable feedback for your agents. By guiding your employees toward best practice, you can create outstanding experiences every time your customers get in contact.

What process improvements does your organization need to implement? How can you identify these improvements, and achieve total visibility within your contact center? How can you boost productivity, cultivate talent, and actively support your agents?

Contact center analytics

To drive outstanding CX, you need total contact center visibility. You need to be able to identify points of friction in the customer journey. You need to ensure that you’re meeting relevant compliance regulations across every contact.

You need a contact center analytics solution that allows you to monitor:

  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) across every channel of communication.

  • Average Handling Time and First Contact Resolution.

  • Agent Utilization Rate to ensure quality Agent Experience.

  • Adherence to compliance regulations through every interaction.

  • And more.

Intuitive reporting

Monitoring so many different metrics might seem like a challenge. To achieve it, you need an intuitive reporting interface, which allows you to create complex drag-and-drop reports. That allows you to monitor hundreds of pre-defined metrics and create your own custom ones. That makes reports instantly and securely shareable.

Building great CX shouldn’t be a struggle. A flexible reporting solution makes contact center reporting easy.

Improve efficiency and reduce cost-to-serve. Supercharge your compliance with automatic phrase detection. Automate your analytics with AI-powered Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis.

Take your reporting to the cloud, and make outstanding CX your competitive advantage.

Single-stack solution, streamlined analytics

With a single-stack solution, you can get visibility of every interaction, regardless of channel. Access analytics quickly and easily, through the same cloud-based portal.

storm® VIEW™

Learn more about our reporting module, storm VIEW™, which provides you with access to dynamic real-time and historical reporting.

storm QM™

Drive quality in every customer interaction. Empower your agents to deliver outstanding experiences, every time.


Stay compliant with advanced, AI-powered analytics. Upgrade to the cloud and future-proof your reporting.

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