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Create IT synergy

A tangled IT estate produces friction.

Friction is passed on to your customers.

Friction anywhere in your IT system holds back your CX. For great CX, the ability to move data and contacts seamlessly between apps is essential.

Content Guru works closely with its customers to identify the pain points in their systems, and to design custom contact center integrations that address them. From displaying patient information alongside contacts to monitoring for power outages, storm® adapts to the needs of your business.

Link to any existing system of record to ensure that your customers always get the answers they need. Connect to Microsoft Teams or Zoom to link customers directly with back-office experts. Link to storm VIEW™ to display data from across your entire system on a single screen. Use storm EXCHANGE™ to trade applications and knowledge with other storm users. storm provides a single-stack solution, letting you eliminate friction and simplify your CX.

Whatever your needs, Content Guru will build the CX solution that’s right for you.

The benefits of contact center integration

  • For one customer storm went live with over 160 integrations on day one.

  • storm comes with thousands of ready-made and custom integrations.

  • 68% - of people app users say that they spend 30 minutes each day switching between apps.[1]

  • storm integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, used by 145 million people.

[1] Slack, The app era is here: Now to optimize for it, 31 October 2019.

[2] Business of Apps, Microsoft Teams Revenue and Usage Statistics (2021), 5 May 2021.

Next-Generation AI and Intelligent Automation

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You need a solution that enhances your systems, rather than replacing them.

Agents provide great CX through the cloud

storm INTEGRATE™: Microsoft Teams

Seamless internal and external communication using Microsoft Teams.

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storm INTEGRATE™: ServiceNow

storm INTEGRATE: ServiceNow® enables effective case management through a single pane of glass.

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