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Certified Microsoft Teams Integration

Great internal communication drives great external communication. 

Empowering agents to deliver great customer experience starts with linking your front and back–office together through the collaborative tools they use.

Your business must be able to integrate Microsoft Teams into your external communications solution, and effectively. Solutions that have a certified Microsoft Teams integration help contact center agents to deliver faster issue resolution and better customer service.

storm® INTEGRATE™: Microsoft Teams is a certified solution for front-office to back-office collaboration via Microsoft Teams. The storm Microsoft Teams integration offers a unified solution, with integrations that provide call and screen recording, and historic and real-time reporting.

How storm INTEGRATE: Microsoft Teams helps businesses

  • Combines the collaboration capabilities of Microsoft Teams with the high-quality CX and communication services of storm.

  • Provides full visibility of all users. Employees can easily view the live availability statuses of colleagues, across both storm and Microsoft Teams, via the storm DTA®.

  • Improves first-contact resolution. Gives agents the ability to collaborate quickly with subject matter experts to solve any query.

  • Cut costs with direct routing through storm.

Seamless internal and external communication

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Microsoft Teams Certified

Quality Assured. storm INTEGRATE: Microsoft Teams is certified for Microsoft Teams, enabling you to collaborate with confidence across your business. storm RECORDER™ is certified for Microsoft Teams for complete call and screen recording through the Teams application, to ensure there are no loopholes in your compliance and quality control framework.

Seamless and Efficient Communication

Find answers easily. Search for available colleagues through the Contacts directory, and transfer storm calls seamlessly between front-office and back-office users on Microsoft Teams.  

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End-to-End Reporting

Gain a 360 degree view of all interactions. Integration with storm VIEW™ provides end-to-end reporting on Microsoft Teams interactions and gives access to a range of sophisticated statistical analysis tools.

Cut Costs

Go direct; reduce your cost to serve. Direct routing connects storm to Microsoft Teams users, so that they can make and receive external phone calls on any device using Teams. This reduces call costs and allows you to benefit from the option of a step-by-step approach to migrating away from your legacy systems.

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