Flawless service – whatever the demand

The virtually unlimited scalability of storm® allows your organization to keep meeting customer needs as your business grows – without any costly and time-intensive changes to infrastructure or at the expense of customer experience.

Flawless service – whatever the demand

Ensure customers can reach you 24/7, regardless of demand.

Handle spikes in demand without sacrificing customer experience.

Future-proof your investments with a solution that grows as your business does.

Scale to customer demands

Spikes in demand are likely to be caused by a significant event – making it critical that you can support and inform your customers. storm’s highly scalable nature allows your organization to pre-empt inquiries during major events by sending out mass communications, and helps you preserve customer engagement levels by routing every single inquiry to the appropriate agent or chatbot. This ultimately allows you to offer faultless service at over 100x average contact levels.

Scale to customer demands

storm - The Hyper-Scale Cloud Contact Center

Find out how storm helps some of the world’s largest organizations scale to meet demand.

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Cloud Contact Center

storm scales to handle any demand, so customers can always get through to you – and its omni-channel capability means they can contact you on virtually any device.

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By unifying your existing systems and databases in a single interface, we create a complete view of the customer that allows agents to personalize – and enhance – every interaction.

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Knowledge Management

Simplify the complexity of customer interactions. Integrate with leading CRM platforms or use the streamlined storm Customer Knowledge System (CKS®) to turn customer data into customer engagement.

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Gain unparalleled insight into your engagement operations with storm VIEW™. Use our statistical analysis tools to refine and improve service and reduce response times.

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