Your customers expect to be able to contact you…


On Whatever Device They Choose

For a great customer experience, clients expect to be able to communicate with businesses in whatever manner they desire.


Wherever They Are

Customers expect to be able to contact businesses and brands from wherever they are in the world.


Whenever They Want

Customers expect to be able to communicate with businesses regardless of the time or reason.

A Key Differentiator

Customer Experience is a key metric in business. Today’s customers are less tolerant to poor customer service than ever before. In fact, an estimated 96% of customers are prepared to go elsewhere if they receive bad customer service from an organization1. With many businesses struggling to keep up with the rapidly evolving demands of customers, enhanced Customer Experience (CX) is a key differentiator available for your business, and an important driver of long-term brand loyalty.

64% of people say customer experience is more important to them than price when making a purchase

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Contact Center Agent


Your customers value convenience and accessibility. When contacting any organization, from a healthcare service to a bank, customers expect to be able to use whichever channel they prefer, and on whatever device they choose, and receive a timely and personalized response. To keep their customers satisfied, organizations must be equipped with the tools necessary to treat all channels equally well, or will risk losing business to their competition.

Contact Resolution

Today’s customers have little patience for long response times. They expect to be able to access information immediately, and to be routed to an agent who is informed about their needs, and visibility over their past communication with the company. Your CCaaS solution needs to have the scalability necessary so that even at peak times, and outside of regular office hours, your customers can receive rapid resolutions to their inquiries.

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Enhance Customer Experience

Insights and Actions

For any organization, a key ingredient of delivering excellent customer experience is having insight into how they can drive efficiency, and the ability to make these improvements. Contact center managers should be equipped with data-driven insights at their fingertips, and be able to easily access reports across multiple reporting environments. In order to effectively manage their workforce, they should be able to route calls to ensure the most appropriate agents are resolving each inquiry, and be able to utilize artificial intelligence to drive efficiency.

How storm® can help

About storm®

Content Guru has delivered its best-in-class CCaaS, UC, and CX tools to some of the world’s largest, and most critical contact centers, including those for utilities and financial services companies.

storm is a true cloud, single-stack solution, empowering organizations all over the world to engage their customers with ease. storm is omni-channel, allowing organizations to efficiently respond to inquiries from all channels, within a single interface. Artificial Intelligence is provided to ensure your customers can reach you at whatever time they prefer, even in the highest peaks of demand.

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Cloud Contact Center

storm scales to handle any demand, so customers can always get through to you – and its omni-channel capability means they can contact you on virtually any device.

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Artificial Intelligence

Enhance agent performance and customer experience by automating low-skill or repetitive tasks. Our brain® AI enablement toolkit facilitates self-service and liberates agents to focus on high-value customers.

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Management Interfaces

Customer and colleague expectations continue to grow exponentially. We ensure your services are continuously optimized and updated rapidly to keep you in line with expectations. Our web portals make it easy to create, configure and update services in real time.

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Gain unparalleled insight into your engagement operations with storm VIEW™. Use our statistical analysis tools to refine and improve service and reduce response times.

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