Cost-Efficient Engagement

Your organization’s cost efficiency rests on the experiences of your customers and your staff. We allow you to combat the cost-escalating combination of inefficient processes, poor service and high staff attrition by inspiring agent and customer loyalty. Use key WFO insights to optimize scheduling and staffing for consistent customer engagement, and empower your contact center agents to deliver the excellent service that retains customers.

Cost-efficient engagement

Make the Most of Agent's Time

All contact centers receive phone calls concerning issues that can be solved with repetitive, simple processes. Agents repeatedly focusing on these issues can become fatigued by the repetition. With intelligent automation, these queries can be answered rapidly, freeing up agents handle more complex issues, boosting agent motivation, and creating a more cost-effective operation.
We use ‘Machine Agents’ to route calls to the agent or queue best equipped to handle each enquiry, through end-to-end Natural Language Processing, whilst automating repetitive information requests entirely, liberating your agents.

Transform efficiency by managing your workforce and assets better than ever.

Boost staff retention by improving the agent experience.

Deliver customer experience that inspires loyalty.

Drive down costs by driving up customer and workforce engagement.

Achieve more. Spend less.

storm® gives you the insights needed to optimize your Customer Engagement Hub. Ensure that shifts are always correctly manned and that agents have instant access to the data that keeps customer engagement at its highest level. Use intelligent automation to free up human agents for high-priority tasks. By delivering the superior contact center experiences that retain staff and customers, you achieve a more profitable organization with us.

Achieve more. Spend less.


Cloud Contact Center

storm scales to handle any demand, so customers can always get through to you – and its omni-channel capability means they can contact you on virtually any device.

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Artificial Intelligence

Enhance agent performance and customer experience by automating low-skill or repetitive tasks. Our brain® AI enablement toolkit facilitates self-service and liberates agents to focus on high-value customers.

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By unifying your existing systems and databases in a single interface, we create a complete view of the customer that allows agents to personalize – and enhance – every interaction.

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Workforce Optimization

Optimize your resource management with storm CONTACT: WFM™. Simple in-built scheduling and seamless integrations with market-leading providers of WFO tools make it easy to consolidate resources and maximize results.

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