On the 27th and 28th of March, Content Guru will be delivering a series of presentations on the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the modern contact centre, as part of the Call & Contact Centre Expo at ExCel London.

Entitled ‘Agents and Automation: Enhanced Omni-Channel Customer Engagement’, these presentations will respond to the growing interest in AI-backed contact centre solutions and combat fears that human agents will be replaced entirely. Across two free-to-attend talks, industry experts from Content Guru will examine how AI can be used alongside agents to enhance performance, personalise customer interactions and streamline customer journeys.

The Call & Contact Centre Expo is Europe’s leading event for industry professionals, showcasing the latest technologies for amplifying customer engagement. Attendees of the event will also have the opportunity to experience live demos of Content Guru’s multi-award-winning, omni-channel cloud contact centre platform, storm®, and its integrated AI toolset, brain®.

The latest AI development, brain Virtual Agent, enables customers to communicate with organisations through automated interactions, freeing up human agents to deal with more complex inquiries and priority customers. Offering Natural Language Processing, Image Recognition, and chatbot capabilities, brain vastly improves contact centre efficiency, enhances customer experience and shortens wait times.

Speaking about the company’s cutting-edge AI offering for the contact centre, Global CEO of Content Guru, Sean Taylor, affirmed that ”AI’s cognitive learning means it presents businesses with a scalable and very desirable opportunity to future-proof their communications estate, and keep up with rapidly evolving consumer expectations.”

To join Content Guru at the Call & Contact Centre Expo for their AI presentation series, and your personal demo of brain Virtual Agent, book your free ticket here.


March 4, 2019
Category: News