Artificial Intelligence represents the next major opportunity for businesses to improve customer experience. Modern customers expect to be able to get in touch with any organisation at any time, from any device, on any channel. But simply offering this always-on service is no longer enough; customers want to be catered to on a personal level.

Every business should look to the construction of seamless end-to-end customer journeys and the cultivation of meaningful relationships as a key priority, not only for promoting satisfaction, but ultimately encouraging corporate growth. With AI-driven solutions, the management and administration behind these relationships can be automated, taking time-consuming manual processes out of the hands of contact centre agents. As a result, agents can focus their time, efforts, and resources on developing their soft skills and delivering excellent customer service in every interaction.

For a customer, being presented with a long series of IVR options can prove a highly frustrating experience, particularly if they then need to explain the nature of their enquiry again once they get through to an agent. Alternatively, if they can explain their enquiry verbally to a Natural Language Processor, their time on the phone is drastically reduced and frustration is kept to a minimum. The Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine interprets what has been said, informs the agent, and automatically pulls up any relevant information to be delivered immediately to the customer.

Instead of feeling like they are interacting with a robot, customers can be directed straight to an agent who already knows why they are calling and already has all the right information in front of them. With agents focused on the qualitative results of interactions instead of information retrieval and administration, the emphasis shifts from a transactional experience to a conversational experience. Customer care departments are frequently seen as the human face of a business, and agents sit on the crucial bridge between customers and internal processes. If the face presented to customers is friendly, polite, and ultimately an efficient means of delivering consistent service, customer satisfaction is certain to increase across the board.

Natural Language Processing offers businesses the opportunity to realign their customer service goals and put customers back at the heart of every interaction.


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February 26, 2019
Category: News