Alan Coad, Managing Director at Google Cloud UK & Ireland, joined Content Guru’s brain®: Artificial Intelligence Symposium at the Natural History Museum on 24th January, to discuss the development of AI, and its part in transforming business processes. Opening his talk, Alan reflected on how technology-first businesses can disrupt entire industries, whilst creating billions in new enterprise value. Google itself has built services around customer needs that we have now all come to rely on. Crucially, through the analysis of consumer search results, Google has seen their behaviour change – in particular, customers expecting faster service and support at every touch-point.

By deploying AI, Google Cloud has created tools so that customers’ simple questions can be handled automatically, empowering contact centre agents to respond effortlessly to even the most complex questions. Alan gave the example of leading parcel-delivery company DPD, which implemented a rich text-based conversational experience built with Dialogflow to resolve over 32% of customer queries from the 3 million users on its parcel tracking app. With machine learning (ML), Google can also offer its users predictive email responses and voice searches, while reducing their power usage.

Organisations can customise ML models to recognise specific data and assist with finding business solutions. The Telegraph, for example, has used AI to suggest resources to link to when content is being written – with reactions from journalists enabling the technology to learn.

Alan concluded by emphasising the benefits of using commercial AI to combine data and insights with machine learning models, creating a ‘data foundation’. He identified five key elements of a robust foundation: identifying business objectives and data sources; breaking down data silos; simplifying data preparation; making pipelines repeatable, reliable and scalable; and building a culture grounded in data curiosity.


February 13, 2019
Category: News