On Thursday 21st September 2017, Berkshire Community Foundation’s (BCF) Business Philanthropy Club (BPC) convened its autumn 2017 dinner at the Williams Conference Centre. The event, held bi-annually, took place in lavish surroundings at the home of the Williams Formula One team, in Grove, Oxfordshire, and was attended by both existing and prospective BPC members.

Williams Conference Centre Display Cars

During the course of the evening, the guests enjoyed a three-course meal and a tour of the F1 display cars, which welcomed new BPC members: Huntswood, Frontline Security Systems, and H Dolton & Son Ltd. The dinner also created a forum to discuss Berkshire’s recent priority issues, such as mental health issues and homelessness. The keynote speaker for the evening was the Hon. Christopher Sharples, Commodore of the Royal Yacht Squadron, tech investor and former financial services regulator, who kicked off the evening by considering how businesses have a vital role to play in helping the local community.

BPC Members enjoying the bi-annual BCF Dinner

The Business Philanthropy Club was set up by the Berkshire Community Foundation (BCF) in 2013 as a way of providing effective, targeted funding from locally-based businesses to community charities and organisations. As one of the Founder Members, Content Guru has been a key sponsor of BPC’s events, which are held throughout Berkshire and the surrounding Thames Valley region.

Sean Taylor, Global CEO of Content Guru, said:

“It’s always a pleasure to experience at first hand the strong growth in membership and reach that the BPC continues to enjoy. The Williams F1 Conference Centre is a fantastic venue and helped make the autumn 2017 dinner a memorable as well as successful evening. We all enjoyed hearing some of the highlights of Christopher Sharples’ distinguished career and his involvement in the local community. I’m looking forward to the fifth year of the BPC and connecting businesses to each other and to the communities they are a key part of.”

September 29, 2017
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