Wednesday 20th September 2017 saw business leaders from across the Thames Valley region converge at the second annual Brittelstand Symposium, held at Henley Business School, Oxfordshire. The day-long event focused on the most pressing issues which face the UK’s medium-sized businesses, including the topic of Brexit.


The name Brittelstand derives from the German Mittelstand, those medium-sized businesses that form the backbone of Germany’s economy. The British Mittelstand, or Brittelstand, comprises 33,000 job-creating businesses that have a huge impact on the UK economy, creating more jobs more than small or large businesses.

Organised by Biz Utd, the event provided an opportunity for delegates from medium-sized enterprises to learn from prominent business and policy figures, including speakers from the CBI and the British government, as well to take part in a number of interactive panel and breakout sessions run by individuals from leading wealth-creating businesses.

The CBI President and Bibby Lines Chairman Paul Dreschler CBE kicked off the day with a keynote speech about Brexit and the strategy businesses can use to deal with the forthcoming changes, making a firm statement about the UK government’s need to be decisive in the face of Brexit negotiations. Later in the day, the Brexit discussion continued with a breakout session led by Dr Phillip Lee, MP for Bracknell and Under Secretary of State, and Rob Lewtas from the Department of International Trade, amongst others.

Transport for the North chairman, and former CBI Director General, John Cridland CBE delivered a stirring keynote about the responsibility that all owner managed businesses have to engage with their community. Further highlights from the event included breakout sessions about leadership team building, cyber security and the workforce of tomorrow.

Sponsor Redwood Technologies Group saw its Global CMO, Martin Taylor, take part in a panel session alongside Chris Sykes, CEO of Wokingham-based AI agency Volume Global, and Paul Lindley, Founder and Chairman of baby food brand Ella’s Kitchen, to discuss how they achieve significant growth and to share tips for businesses looking to scale up.

Taylor commented:

“This year’s Symposium served up another exciting melting pot of ideas from a dynamic body of British businesses. Of course, the shadow of Brexit loomed heavily over the day’s proceedings, but it was inspiring to see how clearly optimism and pragmatism defined the atmosphere.”

September 21, 2017
Category: News