storm SCHEDULE is an intelligent, automated scheduling facility, enabling organisations with dynamic workforces to optimise resource distribution.

SCHEDULE leverages storm’s communications integration capabilities and INTEGRATE Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to feed real-time schedule data from customers’ existing databases into manageable workflows. Worker shifts are managed via an intuitive drag-and-drop interface in the centralised storm Portal, enabling administrators to rapidly modify schedules in response to changing situations.

storm SCHEDULE Management Portal

Through the storm FLOW Service Creation Environment (SCE), intuitive IVR flows can be configured to field inbound calls and  determine the best onward routing destination through intelligent routing logic. Caller Line Identification (CLI) lookups identify existing customers and route to familiar workers.

If a colleague is unable to work a shift, or has a schedule adjusted, storm automatically detects any gaps in roster continuity and distributes automated notifications to administrators over SMS and email. This ensures that shifts can be instantly adapted to create a cohesive, lossless customer service.

“When it comes to shift-based environments such as hospitals and emergency services,  situations can change at a moment’s notice,” commented Kalpesh Patel, Senior Project Manager.

“Especially in healthcare, it can be essential for patients to reach a specialist who has detailed prior knowledge of the case straight away and can help to deal with potentially life-threatening circumstances. SCHEDULE ensures that callers can always get through to the best possible contact. If the first-choice colleague for the case is unwell or unable to get to work, SCHEDULE automatically updates the roster and routes calls through to another worker with similar skills. storm eliminates the time required to manually create and update schedules, making services more efficient and even in some cases helping to save lives.”


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July 29, 2014
Category: News