A recent analysis by Moneypenny, the UK's leading provider of telephone answering services, has revealed that its using storm® to help them to connect clients to PAs faster whilst reducing costs by 40%.

Moneypenny is a market-leading provider of personalised PA services to an ever-expanding customer base of more than 6,000 client businesses nationwide. Faced with thousands of mission-critical calls every day, ensuring that they are all handled promptly and professionally is of paramount importance to the business.

Previously, Moneypenny was only able to route numbers via a cumbersome PIN-protected dial-in service. With up to 200 numbers to route per month, this unintuitive system proved a significant drain on time and resources.

Now, integration with the storm platform means that numbers can be routed instantly through Moneypenny’s own interfaces, saving its workers hours of valuable time each month.

Oliver Kelly, IT Manager at Moneypenny, commented on the solution:

“Thanks to storm®, we are now able to provide services faster than ever before, whilst the platform’s resilience helps to ensure that absolutely no calls are dropped. This has allowed us to serve our clients better and offer more flexibility to our own team.”

To find out more about how Moneypenny's storm solution works, you can read our full case study here.

June 20, 2013
Category: News