Communications integration service provider, Content Guru, recently made use of its own technology during a relocation to a new premises in order to ensure that there was no disruption to internal or external communications.

As the service provider behind storm®, Content Guru provides support services that thousands of end-user organisations depend on. Customers running mission-critical services in sectors such as Health, Utilities and Travel rely on CG’s operations and support teams on a 24/7 basis.

Initially, the business was faced with teams spread across two sites, no unified communications network and a need to continue providing high-quality 24/7 support. CG utilised storm’s capabilities to unify both sites in the cloud and maintain continuous communications during the relocation process.

Sean Taylor, Managing Director of Content Guru, spoke of the problems that the business was faced with:

“We needed to relocate our UK headquarters to new larger premises in a very short timeframe. This had to be done in a seamless manner and it was critical that our 24/7 customer support services were not impacted. Unfortunately, the telecommunications providers of our dedicated data circuits were unable to deliver circuits to the required timeline. Using storm over the internet meant we were able to continue providing service regardless, with all of our complex routing and other services operating as normal. Although I know how it all works I still can’t help being impressed with storm’s Cloud PBX and Contact Centre services. It’s great being a happy customer of our own products.”

To find out more about how storm was utilised during the move, you can read our full case study here.

June 3, 2013
Category: News