On the 1st of March 2013, Content Guru stepped up its presence in the Benelux with the opening of a new regional head office in the Netherlands. Content Guru BV is to spearhead the company’s operations in the region in partnership with telecoms incumbent, KPN, and technology provider, Redwood Technologies BV.

Operating out of a new head office in The Hague, close to KPN headquarters, Content Guru BV is to specialise in the provision of cloud deployments of storm Benelux solutions. Sister company Redwood Technologies BV, meanwhile, will continue to develop new technology, such as that which underpins the storm Benelux platform.

The new Netherlands-based team is to operate out of a new head office in The Hague, close to KPN headquarters, and will be headed up by Country Manager, Michael van den Brink. Van den Brink joins Content Guru BV from KPN, bringing with him more than a decade of telecommunications industry experience.

Asked about his new Country Manager role, van den Brink commented: “I’m very excited at the opportunity to work for Content Guru. I have a strong belief in the company and the storm platform, and I am confident that we have a unique proposition that will continue to be successful throughout not only the Benelux, but also the other global storm markets. I have already been made to feel very welcome and it’s clear that my colleagues really enjoy working for the company, which creates a very positive atmosphere.

“Because of the flexibility of storm, we’re able to offer a wide range of solutions to address very real concerns throughout the Benelux market. One of the key differentiators of the platform is the ability to provide not only packaged products for simple business needs, but also complex, fully integrated solutions for complicated, large-scale requirements - there’s something for everyone. I look forward to using my experience in the Benelux market to help develop the strategies that take Content Guru and storm to new heights across the continent.”

Formally launched on the 1st November 2012, storm Benelux is a key part of Content Guru and Redwood’s ongoing global strategy. With the 7th largest population and the 6th largest economy in the EU, the Benelux is a highly important European market. The Benelux deployment has extended the availability of storm services to this key region, enabling the platform to provide mission-critical communications to an ever greater number of established European businesses and institutions.

The foundation of the two companies represents the next major step in this global strategy, as Content Guru seeks to build on its firm foundations in the region and consolidate its European footprint. Working closely with key regional partner, KPN, Content Guru BV’s team of specialist engineers will be responsible for maintaining the Netherlands-based platform, guaranteeing the highest quality of service for storm’s increasing number of European customers.

“This is a critical market for us and the success of storm Benelux is a key part of our ongoing European strategy,” explained Sean Taylor, Managing Director of Content Guru. “Given the importance of the region, it was vital that we appointed a truly exceptional individual to lead our new Netherlands team as our operations in the Benelux enter a crucial stage of development.”

Taylor continued: “Michael’s managerial credentials and close ties to our key regional partner made him the ideal candidate for the role. We are delighted to welcome Michael to the business, and I have every confidence that Content Guru BV will flourish under his stewardship.”

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March 7, 2013
Category: News