Content Guru and network partners Cable&Wireless Worldwide (C&WW) have launched NGware, a suite of advanced cloud-based services encompassing inbound number management, SIP trunking, PBX and contact centre designed for resellers.

Over one hundred channel partners attended NGware launch events for the North and South, at the Century Club on London’s Shaftesbury Avenue and the Etihad Stadium, home to current Barclays Premier League Champions Manchester City. The event was compered by Sean Taylor (Director of Content Guru) and included talks from guest speaker Paul Cunningham, a leading industry consultant for the channel marketplace, and C&WW directors.

Edward Winfield, Director of Software as a Service (“Saas”) Alliances at C&WW and one of the presenters at the event, shares his comments on NGware:

“Cloud platforms like NGware represent a shift away from the 20th century business model, where huge blue-chip vendors lock customers into a fixed set of features and an ongoing cycle of capital payments as products go out of support and evolving business requirements demand more scale or new functionality," Winfield continues,

“The big vendors have an installed base of equipment which feeds them vast amounts of revenue, so they are actively disincentivised from encouraging resellers to embrace the cloud model. But at a time when capital is scarce in the economy, it’s critical for partners to evolve and start taking advantage of the new platform business model, in which the focus is on the customer and their needs, rather than the vendor and their products.

“In subscribing to NGware, resellers don’t have to rely on a supplier to define their addressable market for them; they can build their own intellectual property using a secure, white-labelled online portal, leveraging their expertise and local or vertical brand presence to take their propositions to market.”

Commenting on the launch of NGware, Sean Taylor, Director of Content Guru, said:

“We’re really excited about the possibilities that NGware opens up for partners. The platform’s rich set of features allows the channel to distance itself from the usual conversation about minutes and data, which are so highly commoditised it is very difficult for resellers to differentiate.

“As we enter a double-dip recession, resellers are under pressure either to sacrifice margin or risk losing deals to their competitors. NGware allows them to move into the value layer and create services which are unique in their marketplace.

“In addition, because they can start using the platform for a minimal capital outlay and use it alongside existing systems rather than continually replacing them, they can realise savings which they can either pass on to their customers to improve their price-competitiveness, or retain to boost their own margins.”

Click here for more information about the NGware platform.

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July 9, 2012
Category: News