Content Guru has been approved as a network operator in its own right by regulators PhonepayPlus and Ofcom. As a compliant network operator, Content Guru is now able to offer even more new services to customers and resellers.

The approval means the storm® platform can host number ranges directly for customers, backed by Content Guru’s industry-leading service and technical support infrastructure.

In addition, Content Guru will soon be able to offer Carrier Preselection (CPS) services. This enables telephony services running on storm to be offered in highly flexible packages, giving resellers greater scope to develop competitive offerings. Content Guru customers can also exploit the cost savings and versatility enabled by CPS.

Says Sean Taylor, Director of Content Guru: “This is an important new step for Content Guru and storm. Approval as a network operator gives our customers further reassurance of the rigorous regulatory compliance that is one of our hallmarks, while opening new commercial opportunities for storm and our reseller partners.”

January 14, 2011
Category: News