Content Guru was founded in 2005 and has been a pioneer in the omni-channel cloud communications market ever since. Today, hundreds of the world’s largest organizations rely on storm® to deliver mission-critical services across the globe.

storm was originally launched as a solution to serve the mass calling needs of TV broadcasters. The intelligent technology running on storm overcame the problems relating to the gameshow and promotion scandals that culminated in massive fines from the regulator. It was clear that storm’s huge reliability when handling sudden bursts of intensive traffic (hundreds of thousands of calls within minutes) had applications in all areas of business, especially in contact centers. Today, storm is used by organizations in a variety of public and private sectors, including utilities, healthcare, financial services, hotels, travel, property and publishing.

With offices in the UK, US, Netherlands, Japan and Germany, our award-winning proprietary cloud services power some of the biggest contact center solutions in the world. Operating in sectors ranging from utilities and travel through to finance and government, our clients include some of the largest organisations across the globe, such as EDF Energy, Sodexo, Rakuten, and the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

The company is a member of the Redwood Technologies Group alongside Redwood Technologies, which was founded in 1993 as an innovator in multi-channel communications systems. Our core technology has been continually refined and developed since this time to ensure that the company’s services continue to push the boundaries of communications by building on a solid underlying architecture, with Redwood providing a dedicated R&D function.

Our mission is to enhance the way the world communicates, from our omni-channel cloud contact center solution to our bespoke third-party integration systems. We use cutting-edge technology to transform business communications, including the development of AI and propensity modelling to interpret data sources and empower companies to rise to unprecedented levels of customer engagement.

Find out more about the Redwood Technologies Group at our dedicated website.

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