Retail – Customer Facing

Retail has always been one of the fastest-moving sectors of every economy. From self-service to home shopping, retail has always led the way. Now, the advent of ubiquitous personal communications – smartphones, online portals, daily deals, mobile vouchering, social networking and big data – means that retailers must raise their game once again, in order to succeed in the new world of mass personalisation.

Content Guru leverages years of experience, and the latest cloud-based communications integration platforms and software, to provide fast, effective and flexible solutions to this new reality – driving consumer engagement without massive capital spend, long lead times or risky, unproven technologies. Change brings opportunity, as well as threat: Content Guru will harness the power of your existing infrastructure and repurpose it for the challenges of today, and tomorrow.

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Mass Personalisation

storm integrates with back-end databases and collects live data regarding customer behaviour and interactions to enable services to be personalised, increasing sales efficiency, consumer engagement and customer insight.


Loyalty Schemes

1. Customer becomes aware of loyalty schemes either in-store or online via storm promotions.
2. Customers text in a simple word via SMS which tells storm that they wish to join the loyalty scheme.
3. storm automatically distributes a link to a sign-up page.
4. The customer uses the internet to rapidly join the loyalty scheme, eliminating doubts about lengthy sign-up processes.
5. Customers take advantage of loyalty features, such as receiving loyalty points for filling out surveys, or requesting free wifi via SMS.
6. storm tracks where loyalty cards are used, enabling retailers to gain palpable customer insight.

Location-based Vouchers

1. Customers text ‘voucher’ via SMS; customers browsing the retailer’s website verify login details. storm can be configured to automatically calculate higher-value voucher offers for certain customers based on their behaviour.
2. Customers receive an SMS code for use in a store or a link to an online shopping voucher is sent via email.
3. storm tracks voucher usage both on and offline to boost customer insight.

Time-based Offers

1. storm sends out mass offers across multiple devices to customers who may be interested.
2. Augmented reality brings offers to life – customers can be sent clips of video offers via MMS, or click through from an SMS or email to a more detailed webpage.
3. storm tracks customer usage of augmented reality features as well as when and where offers are claimed enabling services to be altered for maximum effectiveness.

Multi-retailer Referrals

1. Customer makes a purchase from Retailer A and receives a voucher for Retailer B.
2. Customer redeems voucher at store B.
3. Voucher is tracked by storm.
4. When voucher is used, storm automatically sends out a notification to Retailer A; Retailer A receives commission for the referral.