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One of the world’s largest cloud contact center providers

Owns and operates an international network of storm platforms, with customers running multi-thousand seat deployments

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Global deployments &

Operating a global ‘follow-the-sun’ support network with multiple regional offices covering North America, Europe and Asia-Pac

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Deep experience in successful cloud delivery

Early-to-market with cloud contact center solutions in 2006, using specially-developed technology to deliver mission-critical services to the world’s largest organizations

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What does storm do?


Omni-Channel Cloud Contact Center

storm CONTACT™ is a multi-award-winning cloud contact center and customer engagement solution, connecting your colleagues and consumers to the information they need, wherever they are, whatever the time, and on whichever channels they choose.

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Knowledge Management

Gain a 360-degree view of your customers through fully-integrated knowledge & case management, ticketing and CRM, either using built-in storm CKS™ or via integration with leading information platforms (including Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics).

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Workforce Optimization (WFO)

WFO combined with multi-channel contact handling to optimize customer engagement, either through simple inbuilt scheduling or through seamless integration with a number of market-leading providers of WFO, WFM and QM solutions.

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Real-Time and Historical Reporting

storm VIEW™ is a comprehensive real-time and historical reporting package, enabling you to report on any metrics, from critical BAU contact center and agent behavior reports off-the-shelf, through to highly-complex global customer engagement performance.

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Secure Payments

Supplement your customer engagement estate with fully-integrated, secure payments (backed by Level 1 PCI-DSS compliance), either fully-automated or agent-assisted.

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storm integrates with hundreds of applications, databases and systems, both mainstream and proprietary. Standard connectors are available off-the-shelf, or custom integrations can be rapidly developed to ensure information can flow freely across your customer engagement estate.

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Management Interfaces

Manage complex, multi-channel customer engagement hubs through easy-to-use, intuitive web portals – services from simple IVR to globally-distributed contact centers can be created, configured and updated in real time.

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The brain® platform enables storm cloud contact center capabilities to interface with a range of Artificial Intelligence platforms, including healthcare decision-making and emotion detection, for more intelligent mass-automation and human-style automated responses.

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Bespoke & Framework Solutions

Contact us to learn about Content Guru’s wealth of experience in delivering highly-bespoke solutions to address any business requirement, combining custom integrations with standard functionality.

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