Retail – Back Office

Front-of-house retail applications are eye-catching, exciting and dynamic. However, a retail organisation also relies on less glamorous ‘back office’ services to support and maintain its business. Content Guru can deliver here, too, with a range of proven, cloud-based enterprise services that make sure Business As Usual runs as efficiently as possible. And remember, every penny saved here goes straight to the bottom line.

Whether it’s optimising emergency product withdrawals, tasking groups of store managers, publishing store opening times, carrying out surveys, operating disaster recovery communications, managing vehicle deliveries or overhauling store and contact centre phone communications, Content Guru has the solutions to your back office challenges.

Business Impact

  • Mass multi-channel alerting lets you reach the right people at the right time – contact thousands of colleagues within seconds via SMS, email, voice call and more.
  • Real-time and historical reporting features enable you to continually update your service and increase customer satisfaction levels, as well as assessing and optimising your internal processes.
  • Conduct surveys across any number of different devices and generate near-instant results.
  • Analyse customer behaviour in-depth to develop propensity modelling strategies, personalising marketing campaigns and increasing sales effectiveness.
The Problem The Solution
The Retailer operates its own fleet of delivery vans, but deliveries are not always efficient; van drivers sometimes wait outside for extended periods of time before colleagues unload. This has a knock-on effect on in-store supply and can result in substitutions in home deliveries. The platform also integrates with the stock database and creates an active directory of colleague information. Van drivers text in to storm upon arrival and all relevant colleagues are notified. If stock is not checked in within a defined period, the manager is automatically prompted.
The Retailer has reduced operational costs, but now needs to optimise its service and increase revenue. By utilising Content Guru’s reporting functions, the Retailer identifies that customers tend to drop out of phone transactions at the critical payment stage. The Retailer enhances its payment service by giving the customer the choice of keeping an agent on the line during the transaction, reducing possible confusion or questions that result in drop-outs. Content Guru’s platform keeps transactions secure by masking critical details from agents.
Call spikes at peak times such as Christmas overwhelm the Retailer’s contact centres, forcing customers into lengthy, frustrating call queues. Many customers only want to find out basic information such as opening hours, but are unable to do so without queuing. All calls are run via Content Guru’s storm platform and fielded by interactive voice response (IVR); customers can be routed to relevant pre-recorded information or a compliant payment service, freeing up agent time. storm scales to handle any volume of calls.

Excessive agent time is often expended on finding out customer information, reducing the number of calls that can be effectively serviced. Having to repeat information during verification annoys customers, and this sometimes leads to customers feeling alienated. Integration with the Retailer’s customer relationship management (CRM) enables secure, automated identification of callers, and provides a whisper prompt to the agent with basic customer information to ensure calls can be completed efficiently.

Communications Integration

Content Guru is the communications integration provider. The three principles of communications integration are:

Work with What You Have
Leverage existing investments and don’t try to rip-and-replace systems which are still fit-for-purpose.

Think Outside the Box
Take full advantage of the cloud delivery model to address multiple requirements across an organisation.

Migrate at the Customer’s Own Pace
Design solutions which complement the customer’s existing processes.