Content Guru at work in the Public Sector

The situation

Governments are constantly looking for ways to increase the efficiency of public sector organisations . At the same time public demand for improved service levels continues to rise, with citizens now expecting on-demand, any device, any time communication.

But the technology you need to provide this level of service is not only costly, it is also broadly incompatible with your existing equipment. And sharing resources between public bodies with fundamentally dissimilar functions works to the detriment of front-line services.

How can you work more efficiently while still ensuring that you satisfy the expectations of the citizen? And how can you reach out to your citizens across multiple channels without being overwhelmed by unstructured demand for service?

The Solution

storm lets public sector organisations manage inbound, outbound and internal communications across every channel on a single platform, with the scale to ensure 99.999% availability for front-line citizen services.

Each organisation has a unique web-based partition which gives them access to the services they need. Hospitals can disseminate mass alerts to rapidly mobilise staff with the best skills to handle a particular incident, while councils can protect their enquiry centres by automating enquiries during peak times such as extreme weather events. Any organisation can base its entire office telephony and contact centre on the platform, regardless of size—storm has the capacity to handle any number of enquiries, and you pay only for the services you use. Combined with minimal capital expenditure, this makes it easy to realise cost savings and efficiency gains on a permanent basis.

Business Impact

  • Low expenditure—benefit from the cloud model to reduce costs across your entire organisation
  • Handle more enquiries more quickly and provide citizens with personalised, effective services
  • Automate standard processes and free up your resources for higher-value tasks, increasing efficiency across your entire organisation
  • Multi-channel capabilities enable inbound and outbound interactions across any device, giving the citizen the choice over how they communicate
  • Flexible working enables you to increase productivity and make the most of your resources your employees to work from home, on a mobile, or from different locations while keeping the same number
  • Disaster recovery enables you to provide continuous service even if an entire site goes down
  • Gain instant insight into citizen feedback, ensuring that any negative sentiment is acted on immediately.

Key Features & Functionality

  • Effectively unlimited scale available on-demand, with maximum security and resilience so you don’t have to allocate budget to build those capabilities yourself
  • Intelligent automation through interactive voice response (IVR) or automatic keyword recognition helps citizens access relevant information without needing to speak to an agent
  • Multi-channel blended queuing with skills-based routing ensures that any citizens who do need assistance are put through to the right person, regardless of which channel the use to communicate
  • Detailed historical and real-time reporting on key metrics across all channels of communication
  • Secure payment system supported by Level 1 PCI compliance, making it easy for citizens to pay over the phone or internet
  • Centralised management enables you to easily alter services in real-time via a secure web-based portal.

How it Works

storm unifies management, citizen interactions, and workers in a single environment, giving public sector organisations complete control over all their internal and external processes.

Through the storm portal, users can create and manage all of their services via an easy-to-use web interface, with updates immediately made live.

Citizens interact via phone, mobile and internet, making payments or other self-service enquiries, while surveys, reminders and public alerts can be rapidly disseminated on a mass scale via any channel.

Citizens requiring assistance are automatically directed through storm to the most appropriate agent for the enquiry. Because workers are also connected via storm, calls can be made and transferred between sites free of charge, regardless of their location and device.

Detailed reports across all citizen and worker interactions and services can also be accessed through the storm portal.