storm® PASS™:
Passenger automated self-service

The problem

Travelling is stressful. Whether rushing around with heavy baggage or waiting in long queues, whether going on holiday or on a business trip, customers who are travelling tend to be impatient and short-tempered. They want personalised, accurate and timely information, via a range of channels — from voice & SMS to email & web.

In addition, when an incident or severe weather causes mass cancellations and delays, your organisation is under enormous pressure to tell the bad news to hordes of stranded passengers. The workload for contact centre agents can be unmanageable, not to mention the stress of having to deal with so many angry customers in a short space of time. The flow of traffic hitting the contact centre can spike up to twenty times normal volumes. Servicing all of the concerned customers becomes almost impossible – without storm.

The storm solution

storm PASS gives companies in the travel sector all the tools they need to effectively service any volume of passenger enquiries on any channel. Customers on your website can request a call-back at a specified time with the latest on their travel arrangements, or sign up for live updates to be automatically sent by SMS.

In the event of major disruption, you can provision mass-scale alerts to passengers and fire them out via email and SMS in seconds, reducing the number of customers who call you or waste time travelling to airports or other points of departure. The enormous capacity of storm buffers calls coming into your contact centre, and you can quickly record custom messages into your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service to ensure that only the more complex enquiries are forwarded to agents. This means a better experience for passengers, as well as greater contact centre efficiency.

Business impact

  • Automation of standard travel enquiries speeds up contact processes.
  • More enquiries can be effectively answered across a variety of channels, meaning more happy customers.
  • Your infrastructure is also protected against sudden surges, with massive capacity only when you need it.
  • No need to bring in extra staff or buy extra systems to address one-off requirements.
  • Alter service flows in real time for maximum business agility.
  • Transparency and control of all communications channels through intuitive web-based portals.
  • During an extreme weather event in 2011, one storm customer dropped less than 1% of calls while their main competitor dropped 75%.

How it Works

To find out more about how storm PASS works, please contact us.