Content Guru in action Online

You may never get to meet your customers face-to-face, but you still need to get close to them. Now, with Content Guru, smart phones, WiFi hotspots and mobile broadband, you can weave your way into their daily lives using all the channels that they use to keep in touch.

Protect revenues, reduce customer churn

Today’s consumers lead life on the move and they live it fast. If your online presence can’t keep up with them, you will be losing revenue, loyalty and your competitive edge. Content Guru brings together the mass of channels now available to consumers to help you reach them wherever they are, in the real world and online.

Cost-effective, accountable customer communication

Your first key challenge is to make sure they get the same personalised experience no matter how they communicate with you, and to track and log every contact efficiently. The second challenge is to find the most effective channel when you want to contact them.

Content Guru meets both challenges and delivers affordable, practical solutions. Better still, it allows you to introduce completely new ways of communicating with your customers, as well as a host of other services that will help you to add real competitive value to your service offerings.

  • Open every channel to your customers
  • Integrate mobile, online, broadcast, voice and video
  • Win and keep new customers

Key benefits for Online organisations

  • Communicate with each one of your customers on their own terms, via the channel that suits them as individuals. You have more chance of getting your message through, and your service is more personalised.
  • Make advanced mobile services a key element of your online proposition. Customers can register for SMS updates about your services, or click buttons on your site to receive instant SMS messages containing the information they want – anything from a departure time, to a cinema ticket or an order confirmation.
  • Content Guru unites multiple interactive communication channels on a single platform. You can manage and track communications from mobiles, landlines, websites, social networking sites, instant messenger services, SMS and MMS messages, email and interactive television.
  • The vast and versatile data capture and management resources provided by Content Guru allow you to collect and analyse richly detailed customer profiles, allowing precise targeting and tracking of every inbound or outbound interaction.
  • You have complete control over your Content Guru services, through a familiar web-based interface that is easy to use. You can set up a campaign and measure its effectiveness from your desktop, or even from a laptop on the move.
  • Content Guru services are hosted, so you do not have to invest capital in purchasing them. You simply pay a hosting and management fee, making it easy to budget and plan your expenditure.